Fine Foods Australia 2016- Melbourne

Sandhurst participated in this year’s Fine Food Australia event in Melbourne this year. It was great catching up with all of our customers from Australia-wide and overseas!
We were happy to introduce to the market our new retail product- Quinoa & Co- ready to eat quinoa with tasty toppings like eggplant caponata or artichoke. They are also available in fruit varieties- mango & coconut and mango & passionfruit. We got a great response from all who tried this awesome new products- it is healthy, and slow-energy releasing but most of all- it’s tasty!pizza-competition-at-fine-foods-sept-16-optimised
Mimmo was also kept busy judging the National Pizza Competition where he had to judge product according to the strict rules of the VPN – Vera Pizza Napoletana.
The criteria were as follows:
Quality of the base
– must use Italian Pizza Flour
– be a certain temperature going into the oven (ideally the dough must be at room temperature)
Quality of Toppings
– must use Italian Whole Peeled tomatoes as well as a quality cheese (Australian Buffalo Mozzarella is recommended)
– must be simple- basil, extra virgin olive oil
Overall the quality of product was outstanding. We are certainly seeing a higher quality Authentic Neapolitan Pizza emerging as a strong growth product in Australia. Mutti is present in many of these outlets as well as our artichokes, anchovies, peppers and olives, which are used as pizza toppings as well as in the salads.