Jonesy and Amanda – Loving the family!

Sydney’s top rating FM morning team Amanda Keller (from the Living Room) and Brendan Jones (The boy from the ‘shire’) were presented with the new SH catalogue.


Amanda is a great fan of Sandhurst as she lives in Coogee where all things vegan and healthy living are paramount. Brendan rides his famous Harley Davidson past the office every morning at around 4.30am on his way to the station at North Ryde

I had the chance to meet both Jonesy and Amanda a few months back after they finished the ‘shift’

Amanda loved the product and she was fascinated by our premium tomato brand “Mutti’ for some strange reason 😉

They posted the pic on Instagram and they regularly ‘talk up’ the Lubrano family in their live reads on air from 6am to 9am weekdays on Classic Hits 101.7

A great fit for our family and we look forward to seeing them again next year.