Mimmo- Officiating at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show- Regional Food Competition


I was honoured to be selected as an Associate Judge for the Fine Food Show run by the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW.

I was on a great team of passionate foodies – all with excellent skills and palates.
It was a bit like a scene from “The Devil Wears Prada” where developments in the high-fashion areas become mainstream ‘trends’ down the track.
Some of the emerging trends and flavours at this years “Food Fashion Show” were
• Beetroot Flavours
• Ginger infusions in vinegars
• Worcestershire Sauces ‘pimped up’ with new ingredients
• Fermented Foods and Raw Slaws are definitely on trend
• Australian Caper Leaves – yes “LEAVES” – edible leaves of the Caper plant from Adelaide!
• A move to more natural and wholesome ingredients
• Sugar continues to decline as the demand for Jams and Sweet Sauces is in decline whist desserts are trending upwards – go figure!

My team members included
Adam Moore – Corporate Chef for Cerebos – Adam is on several judging panels for everything from Meat to Bakery.
Ian Henderson – Australian Vinegar – Ian runs a boutique vinegar company in QLD and knows everything about Vinegars!

There were many contenders for “GOLD” medals and product judging was carefully monitored by the stewards who are all experienced food industry professionals.

I got to re-connect with my old friends – mostly ex home-economists that have a wealth of experience in product development having worked for all the leading food companies such as Goodman Fielder, Unilever, Master Foods and Cerebos. The old “Food Media Club” members had a great time discussing new and innovative foods that somehow look familiar as they were popular 50 years ago!