Product Testing- Whole Roasted Peppers

Whole Red Peppers FOTOR

Increasing our Testing Practices

One of the focuses for 2016 is intensive product testing of overseas made products.

To ensure that our products meet our famous “Lubrano Family Seal of Approval” we go through rigorous tests to confirm that what bears our label satisfies our specs and more importantly – our taste buds!!

The latest was our new supplier of Roasted Red Peppers from Turkey.

The new factory has passed our stringent tests and below are the findings from our product testing:

  • Good red colour of peppers – uniform and minimal ‘holes’
  • Firm texture – good crunch and sweetness
  • Good cut of the top of the peppers – not ‘ripped’ or ‘torn’ but clean cut
  • Absence of ‘unwanted guests’ – sample had zero insect or worm presence indicating that the product was correctly grown but also:
  • Pesticide residue testing – ensuring that we meet the lowest possible Residue Limits permitted under Australian and European food regulations
  • Good drained weight – ensuring that the stated drained weight is met after the product is drained for 5 minutes
  • Aroma and char marks – good smoky flavour and appearance – ensures that the product has some small char marks on it to show the effects of the grilling process

Overall, the product was impressive and passed all our internal tests.

Thorough testing like this will continued to be done with existing and new suppliers, across all of our range.