The Robertson Brothers- Live at Sandhurst


We were fortunate to have a famous visitor last month.
Geoff Robertson is half of the “Robertson Brothers” – you’ll know them from their famous theme song from “Home and Away” from 2000 to 2006.
They are currently on a national tour of Australia singing the tunes of the famous Everly Brothers along with Dean Bourne who is Australia’s famous “Roy Orbison” tribute.
What has that got to do with Sandhurst?
Our uncle Justin Di Leo (Geraldine’s brother) is the bass player from this show and has toured with many famous musicians over his 40-year history as a professional musician.
Uncle Justin (nicknamed “Uncle Pal”!) was speaking to the Robertsons who said they were great fans of the Sandhurst range. They particularly liked our Sun Dried Tomatoes!
Justin arranged a factory tour and they had a great lunch with Vince, Geraldine and the family!
Geoff got to see his favourite product being made and took home a six-pack of tomatoes from the production line that day!