Top food trends for 2020

The story behind Sandhurst Fine Foods supply chains is well documented.

In many cases, we have a direct relationship and rapport with the packers, who have a relationship with the farmers. In Sicily, where we obtain Sicilian Green Olives, we regularly visit the processors in October each year, when the harvest is occurring. We then speak to the farmers directly to get a feel for how the year has been and the challenges that they face (it’s a good thing I’m fluent in Sicilian Dialect!).  

Sandhurst is the only packer in Australia that has that level of relationship directly with their farmers, due to our insistence on knowing the growers and ensuring an ethical food-safe supply chain.

As we commence a new year (and a new decade), Sandhurst is looking forward to what we can expect next in food trends. 

1.PLANT BASED: At Sandhurst, all our products are plant-based. Our innovation in food also revolves around alternative packaging systems that are better for our health, and better for the environment, and our new technology will reflect an even greater dedication to remaining ahead of the packaging trends. 

Our new ‘bag in box’ technology uses less plastics and less preservatives, as well as reduces the impact on landfill. It’s just one more way Sandhurst are caring for the planet and our global future.

2. SUSTAINABILITY is also a key driver for the Sandhurst family. For us, this means working with suppliers who have proper environmental controls. 

Reducing food waste is also important to a sustainable future and at Sandhurst, this means more portion control. We are constantly working and refining our processes to ensure portions are accurate and there’s minimal waste both at a processing level and for our customers.

3. GLASS PACKAGING: When it comes to packaging, we’re reducing packaging waste by moving away from plastic jars and pails and back to glass jars which can be recycled infinitely. There was an OH&S concern that glass was a hazard during production, however we now know that kitchens can be managed with glass jars, bottles and plates provided there is a safety management system, and the old practice of ‘eliminating everything’. 

4. CONVENIENCE: At Sandhurst, we’re also committed to creating nutritious and convenient products for consumers. With stress and anxiety key concerns in our modern and busy lives, we will continue to create nutritious foods that are easy to prepare, convenient and portable. Expect to see more simple dips and snacks using products like Chickpeas, Red Roasted Peppers, Beetroot and natural olives – full of probiotics and antioxidants!

5. TEXTURE: The experience of food is an element of our plans with texture becoming more important. The crunch and texture of food will become increasingly important, as we strive for an experience in eating. In the world of cheeses, we speak about ‘squeaky’ cheeses like Halloumi. In breads we want less soft and mushy breads and more robust crusty sourdough. Chickpeas have a great ‘bite’ when added to salads making the texture piece more interesting, and olives add a salty crunch. The experimentation of texture and the food experience will drive our recipes as the new year unfolds.

As a brand spanning more than 30 years, at Sandhurst, we have made a lot of mistakes! Knowing when to buy, how to buy and to read price trends all adds to the knowledge base that makes our foodservice brand come to life. 

This brand equity is built by our customer reputation, but just as importantly, the staff members that have been with us for over 15 years, suppliers that have been with us since the early days and most importantly those that worked with us to solve the many problems with deliveries, shortages, raw materials and customer complaints. 

The brand must evolve over time and you simply cannot replace experience from people that have been in the game since day one.

The Sandhurst family are proud to be leaders in the food industry with our innovation, technology and ability to respond to market changes. We look forward to continuing to bring our customers a premium authentic experience during 2020 and beyond.